Central Asia Symposium on ICT in Education

22 January 2013

The UNESCO Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau for Education in Bangkok and UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty will be holding the Central Asia Symposium on ICT in Education (CASIE) in Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan on 28-30 January 2013 with financial support from Government of Japan and in collaboration with Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech).

The Symposium will provide a venue for information-sharing on policies, practices and challenges in planning and implementing an ICT-supported lifelong learning environment, focusing on said specific themes. It will also serve as an opportunity for the Central Asian countries to lay the groundwork for building national capacity in the use of ICT in Education at all levels.


  • To provide a platform for national education policy makers, practitioners and development partners to share issues and challenges that Central Asian countries are facing in integrating ICT into the education systems, with particular emphasis on the use of ICT for policy formulation and ICT-supported open and distance learning towards enabling lifelong learning;
  • To promote collaboration and partnership among the Central Asian countries in the identification of solutions to similar issues and challenges in relation to the effective and efficient use of ICT in Education

Participating countries are Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Mongolia.

The discussions during the Symposium work will be focused on the following themes:

    1. Policies and initiatives to promote lifelong learning through ICT;
    2. Use of ICT for planning and managing lifelong learning policies;
    3. Open and distance learning through various ICT-supported modalities.

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