Summer camp for young volunteers

2 July 2014

Summer camp for volunteers "Effective teaching methods for prevention of HIV/STIs, drug use and unplanned pregnancy among adolescents and youth" was held in the hotel "Kargali" in Almaty from 27 to 30 June 2014. The event was conducted by a crisis center "Zabota" with technical and financial support of the UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty and with assistance of the Kazakhstan Association on Sexual and Reproductive Health and the UNFPA office in Kazakhstan.

25 young volunteers aged 16-20 years from non-governmental organizations based in Almaty, Karaganda, Kostanay, Shymkent and Taldykorgan had an opportunity to exchange experience and discuss effective methods for prevention of HIV/STIs, drug use and unplanned pregnancy among adolescents and youth.

All events in frame of summer camp were conducted with participatory approach, so the volunteers were actively involved in all exercises. Experts from the Central Asian branch of PSI non-profit corporation and the ity enter for Human Reproduction helped volunteers to improve their knowledge and understanding of risk behavior among adolescents and young people, and also gave answers on questions which participants were interested.

During evaluation of the event participants noted that they had gained a lot of important information; learned new exercises that can be used during the trainings for peers; improved skills in counseling of adolescents and youth, as well as shared experiences, met with volunteers from other organizations and made friends. In addition, participants noted that they had received a lot of positive emotions, and learn how to work in team, improved communication skills that will help them not only for training, but for achievement of life goals. Participants expressed special thanks to the trainers for a rich camps programme, which gave them an opportunity not only to gain knowledge but also to develop communication skills and improve understanding of their role in peer education.

One of the participants said: "The training was very interesting and helpful for me. I have got new information and learned a lot. Now I can conduct more interesting sessions for peers".
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