Electronic interactive course on "Building knowledge about HIV and AIDS"

22 December 2011

An interactive course, "Building knowledge about HIV and AIDS" was adapted for Kazakhstan teachers by a team of experts under the guidance of the RK Ministry of Education and Science, with information, technical and financial support of the UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office. The interactive training course, which was developed by the UNESCO Bangkok Regional Bureau for Education, was chosen for adaptation. The online course is available in Russian and Kazakh languages.

Over the course of its development, the training course was presented to administrators and teachers of educational institutions, psychologists, specialists of the National AIDS Center and non-governmental organizations. All participants in the testing process indicated that the course provides useful and important information; exercises and quizzes enhance interest and motivation for a more detailed study of the material. All comments and recommendations were taken into account in preparing the final version of the interactive course.

The training course consists of five modules, providing not only information but also different techniques for more effective training: videos, interactive games and exercises as well as stories of people living with HIV.

At the end of each module there is a test to assess the knowledge obtained in the study of the material presented. At the end of the fifth module there is a final test, which includes questions on all course topics. Education specialists and others: school and university students, parents and representatives of nongovernmental organizations will be able to use any component of this course for preventive education among young people.

Using the electronic interactive course will improve the quality and effectiveness of preventive education, increase education sector involvement in national responses to HIV infection and raise the interest of young people in the preservation and promotion of health.

Permanent link: http://en.unesco.kz/electronic-interactive-course-on-building-knowledge-about-hiv-and-aids