Media and Information Literacy: Reinforcing Human Rights, Countering Radicalization and Extremism

3 August 2017

As the world is witnessing an unprecedented increase of polarization, hate speech, radicalization and extremism happening both offline and online, MIL competencies are becoming increasingly important and a necessary response to help overcome disinformation, stereotypes and intolerance. This book is intended as a relevant reference point to initiate discussion and offer perspectives to stakeholders seeking to apply MIL as a tool to counter violent extremism.

The book offers rich perspectives on media and information literacy (MIL) from across the globe. Content is grouped in different sections: Community Empowerment and Sustainable Development; Hate Speech and Incitement; Radicalization and Extremism; Human Rights and Gender Equality; and Inter-religious and Intercultural Discourses in the Media.

  • Bibliographic reference
  • Editors: Mr. Jagtar Singh, Ms. Paulette A. Kerr, and Ms. Esther I. Hamburger
  • Collation: 299 p.
  • Publication year: 2016
  • ISBN: 978-92-3-100177-2
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