The Education Microplanning Toolkit

5 June 2014

The Education Microplanning Toolkit has been developed to support education planning at the local level, emphasizing four main aspects of planning and change: increasing access, improving learning outcomes, enhancing community participation and supporting open and informed decision-making.

The Education Microplanning Toolkit (2nd edition, 2014) contains the following 6 modules:

Introductory Module
  • Focus: The purpose and functions of education microplanning
  • Module 1 Principles of decision-making: working with communities
    Focus: Working with local communities to build partnerships
  • Module 2 Getting started: Preparing for an education microplanning exercise
    Focus: Getting prepared for an education planning exercise at the local level: spatial, social, economic and educational considerations
  • Module 3 Conducting a needs assessment: instruments, data collection and analysis
    Focus: Understanding local needs through engaging communities in planning activities and building capacity
  • Module 4 Enhancing curriculum and teaching processes to improve student learning
    Focus: Getting to understand the planning, implementation and evaluation processes that contribute to successful student learning
  • Module 5 Data and information for decision-making and planning
    Focus: Using data for understanding and improving education at the local level: assessing the outcomes of planning in areas such as access, participation and learning
ISBN 978-92-9223-474-4 (Electronic version)

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