The first in Kazakhstan university course on Climate risks management was presented in Kyzylorda

31 August 2016

On 22-24 August 2016 training on university course “Climate risks management”, organized by UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office and Public Fund "The Center "Cooperation for Sustainable Development", in collaboration with the Water Partnership of Kazakhstan and the Kazakh Research Institute of Rice named after I. Zhakhaev, took place in Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan.

The event was organized in the framework of the implementation of the UN Join Programme “Improving the welfare and quality of life in the Kyzylorda region through innovative approaches to delivering economic, social and environmental services to the local population, including those most vulnerable”.

The main objective of the training was to present the new course on Climate risks management, developed with the support of UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office in 2015, and provide a detailed explanation of the course materials. The study course was developed based on international instruments in the field of climate change, international recommendations on strategies for climate risk management, best practices of specialized agencies and experience in methodological support of teaching in higher education institutions of Kazakhstan. The course materials were prepared by leading national experts in accordance with the national requirements for development of university courses.

The participants discussed the importance of studying the issues of climate change and adaptation within higher education programmes for the specialties related to water management, agriculture, environment, etc. During the training a field trip was organized for the participants in order to provide them with practical knowledge and familiarize participants with innovative irrigation techniques.

According to participants’ feedback, the new course "Climate risks management" is extremely important and will improve the quality of education in the field of innovative strategies for sustainable development and poverty eradication, as well as development of basic sciences.

This event has contributed to raising awareness on the need for education and training of Kazakhstan specialists in the fields related to climate change.

The training was attended by more than 40 participants, including the representatives of international organizations, local authorities, scientific and educational institutions, as well as non-governmental organizations of Kyzylorda region.

The course "Climate risks management" will be mainstreamed in Kyzylorda State University named after Korkyt Ata, starting from September 2016, for such majors as "Water resources and water use", " Melioration, recultivation and protection of land", "Land management", "Ecology" and "Agriculture".

Field trip ©UNESCO Almaty

Rice field, Kyzylorda region, Kazakhstan ©UNESCO Almaty


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