The first UNESCO online training on distance learning solutions and tools in the Central Asian region

1 July 2020

On 2 July 2020, UNESCO will organize the 1st workshop as part of its online training series on distance learning solutions and tools for ministry officials and master trainers from in-service teacher training institutions in the Central Asia.

Entitled Learning Management Systems (LMSs) and Content Management Systems (CMSs): main functions and limitations, the training will help participants to acquire a better understanding of different types of LMSs and CMSs, and to be able to select the most appropriate one that align with their institutions instructional and learning priorities.

The training series will be conducted as part of the Global Education Coalition established by UNESCO to mobilize expertise and resources to ensure quality teaching and learning during and after COVID-19 by bringing together international organizations, civil society and private sector partners.

The concept note and agenda of the 1st training

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