The results of the international workshop on earthquake risk reduction are summarized in Kazakhstan

1 June 2014

27 May 2014 an International Workshop on "Actions Needed for the Next Decade to Reduce Earthquake Losses" organized by UNESCO and the Institute of Seismology, Ministry of Education and Science was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The Seventh Session of the International Platform for Reducing Earthquake Disasters (IPRED) followed the Workshop on 28 to 30 May 2014 at the same venue.

This international conference will give an impulse to the further development of seismology in Kazakhstan

Nuraly Bekturganov, Head of Research of the JCS National Scientific and Technological Holding PARASAT, Kazakhstan

About a hundred specialists in the field of seismology, including 20 international experts from 12 countries, took part in the Workshop held last week in Almaty. During the meeting the participants discussed a wide range of issues, notably the development and enforcement of building codes and standards, and their implementation as a major mechanism to secure building safety.

Earthquakes have been the biggest cause of death among disasters during the last decade, and most of the death has been caused by the collapse of buildings. Therefore it was recognized that necessary policies to secure building safety need to be considered by policy-makers.

At the end of the meeting a resolution was signed, in which participants had reflected their proposals and recommendations needed to reduce earthquake losses in the nearest future. A number of recommendations for the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, such as expansion of seismological monitoring network and ensuring seismic stability of housing and educational facilities, located in earthquake prone regions of Kazakhstan, were also included into the outcome document.

Currently the key challenge for major stakeholders in earthquake risk reduction is to implement and socialize these proposed measures in an appropriate manner.

Seminar participants UNESCO Almaty

Workshop Opening ceremony UNESCO Almaty

IPRED Working Session UNESCO Almaty

"Medeo" seismological station UNESCO Almaty

Rockslides triggered by an earthquake, Aksai gorge UNESCO Almaty

Field trip to Aksai gorge Shoichi Ando

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