Extended deadline: Training and mentoring program for CSOs/NGOs to accelerate community-led development online

25 December 2021

UNESCO invites civil society organizations/NGOs in Kyrgyzstan to participate in a call for project proposals for an online campaign for social mobilization and online community cohesion.

The joint UNDP and UNESCO initiative Online Community Accelerator is an initiative to accelerate the impact of community-led development activities in COVID-19 settings through effective online communication, engaging community members online, equipping CSOs with the digital capacity to advocate and mobilize resources online. Most importantly, its goal is to strengthen social cohesion by creating a safe, equitable online community.

Civil society organizations/NGOs will participate in a 1-month training and 3-month mentoring program on effective online engagement, engaging community members in online communication, advocacy and online resource mobilization, and following the training, will launch their own online campaign on issues of importance to their communities, led by program mentors. Grant funding is available for the online campaign.

- The nature of the proposed organization: community-based, citizen-driven, a national, or regional community group with the legal status in the Kyrgyz Republic;
- The overall mission, purpose, and core programs/services of the organization;
- Target groups;
- Term of existence and relevant experience;
- The basic digital presence with online community members (website, social media, or other channels) (Note: Organizations with an online presence on the Internet and a subscriber community (website, social media account and/or other) are invited to participate);
- The proposal for online campaigns;
- To nominate up to 5 NGO members to take part in the program;
- To be proactively involved in training and mentoring program;

More detailed information on the Scope of Work, Timeline and Tasks can be found here.

How to Apply
- Send an expression of interest and information about your organization to a.kydyralieva@unesco.org no later than 6:00 p.m. January 26, 2022.
- The information in PDF format must be provided in Russian and include your contact information (cell phone, email). The template application is available here.
social mobilization
online community cohesion

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